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A Glouton

that is not satisfied with taste and pleasure

Glouton, which means glutton in French, is a very special restaurant designed for those who can't get enough of taste and pleasure... You can spend all day in Glouton from brunch to aperitivo and even dinner, and you can feel like a real Istanbulite by meeting its friendly team and colorful regulars.

Located in Asmalı Mescit, the historical and bohemian quarter of the city, Glouton takes its inspiration from the multicultural structure of Istanbul. The tasteful decoration, which is made by preserving the historical architectural texture, appeals to the aesthetic gluttons as well as the taste and pleasure gluttons.

Combining Levantine flavors with Italian spirit and French culinary culture, Glouton is a must-stop destination for those who want to enjoy the city.


Italian spirit, Levantine flavors…

You can start your day by raising your glass of prosecco at Glouton, and have a scrumptious breakfast with delicious bread and croissants inspired by Levantine cuisine, accompanied by egg plates prepared with local products.

After breakfast, you can continue the conversation with a cold white wine or take a walk and explore the exhibitions, galleries, booksellers and historical buildings in Asmalı Mescit.


Aperitivo time for Istanbul

Aperitivo time is the meeting time at Glouton for those who know how to enjoy Istanbul. Travelers exploring the city, Istanbulites who have left work, artists, managers and regulars of Asmalı Mescit start the night in Glouton.

You can make an easy start with Aperol Spritz, which you will take with some grilled peaches and or some charcuterie, and then continue with Glouton's signature cocktails. Each signature cocktail takes its inspiration from the people, stories and history of Asmalı Mescit. Who knows, maybe the person who inspired your cocktail is sitting  next to your table…


And Parisian nights…

Glouton is an extremely enjoyable choice for your dinner with its rich seafood options ranging from fresh oysters with a special sauce to scallops, red and white meat plates with surprise tastes, fresh starters and salads…

The selections you will make from the menu consisting of top-class wines from Turkey's most exclusive vineyards, with the advice of Glouton's expert team, will make the meal long until late and make it unforgettable.


Every match is a new beginning

The young and passionate Glouton team, led by Chef Cem Ekşi, attaches great importance to excellence in taste and service, while at the same time taking care to establish private communication with all guests. It is aimed to make everyone feel at a sincere friend's table with these dialogs, which range from giving information about the menu, to listening to the opinions of the guests, to conversations on gastronomy.

The goal of the Glouton team is to create long-term bonds by creating experiences that guests enjoy and are satisfied with, and to create a large, inspired community that shares with each other on behalf of the gastronomy and hospitality industry.

Cem Ekşi

Cem Ekşi came to Istanbul for the first time in 2014 after living and studying in the Black Forest region of Germany for many years. After continuing an exciting career in which he traveled between Germany and Turkey for a while, with very different culinary experiences, he decided to settle in Istanbul permanently and married interdisciplinary artist Pınar Karasu.


Cem Ekşi opened his first restaurant, Mabou, in Asmalı Mescit, Beyoğlu, in 2019. Bringing a breath of fresh air to the historical Asmalı Mescit neighborhood, one of Istanbul's oldest gastronomy and entertainment centers, Mabou, with a French spirit, was followed by two new restaurants in 2022: Bordel and Glouton. While the kitchens and menus of both restaurants bear the signature of Cem Ekşi, the concept designs were made by Pınar Karasu.


 Offering a simple but elegant range of flavors to world cuisine classics that reflect Cem Ekşi's approach, one of the most special flavors of Levantine cuisine, Glouton has also added a new dimension to the gastronomy world in Asmalı Mescit. Welcoming its guests with prosecco, Glouton has become a new attraction center where you can spend the whole day with pleasure, from brunch to aperitivo and even dinner. The restaurant, which is famous for oysters with special sauce, which is always served fresh, started to host guests from all over the world in a short time.


Emphasizing invaluable local ingredients in his cuisine and preparing modern presentations with traditional recipes, Cem Ekşi carefully welcomes his guests in all of his restaurants. At the same time, it continues to work on new investments in order to make Asmalı Mescit a gastronomy center that is followed around the world.

Cem Ekşi
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